Tony Boone

Favorite Trail: Tom Blake Trail in Snowmass, CO. Constructed in 1997 and has remained one of our most popular trails.  
Ideal Mode of Trail Enjoyment: I like hiking and biking. If I had a horse, I would like that too! I consider myself a true multi-user.  
Hobbies: Digging in the dirt, hiking, biking, and sharing his passion for protecting Mother Earth.  

Since 1986, Tony Boone has played an integral role in the creation of diverse trail experiences for all ages, abilities, and modes of trail enjoyment. This passion has led him to trail construction and master planning around the world, all in pursuit of caring for his number one client, Mother Earth.  

In his 30 plus years in the industry, Tony has started four successful trail design and construction companies. He has been an active member of the Professional Trail Builders Association (PTBA) since 1995, currently serving as a PTBA Executive Board Member and Co-Chair of the Education Committee for PTBA, where he is leading the effort to developing a trails-based curriculum with Trinidad State Junior College in Southern Colorado. Level I Courses will start in the Fall of 2020, with plans to offer an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science: Trail Construction & Management in the near future.  

His diverse teams have developed 45 trail/park master plans, including over 325 trail construction projects totaling 635+ miles (1,022 kilometers) of shared-use and purpose-built trail systems for mountain bicyclists and other trail users of all ages and abilities.  He has trained 3,000+ students world-wide on sustainable trail design, construction and maintenance including 15 U.S. states and 9 countries. Tony’s experience includes professional trail contracting for his private trail companies, a natural resource specialist with governmental agencies, and a trail specialist for non-profit organizations.  

Tony has been a relentless pioneer in the evolution and art of creating sustainable, machine built trails for mountain bikers, hikers, runners and equestrians since the early 1990’s. He is a PTBA Certified Trail Dozer Operator and Instructor and skilled on the utilization of trail specific technology like the trail dozers, mini excavators, loaders, and tracked carriers.  

Timberline TrailCraft is proudly founded upon Tony’s expertise and key ideal of balancing nature and human nature.